Advice and expertise

Installing a cash flow forecasting system goes beyond an IT project. It is, above all, a project to sensitize all of the parties concerned and move them towards a « cash culture ».

All of our senior consultants come from the auditing, consulting and corporate finance world. As a result, they know your profession and issues perfectly : they are able to capitalize on more than one hundred projects that they have led in various-sized groups, in all activity sectors, and with extremely varied cash flow forecasting problems.  


As with all the CashSolve collaborators, their work is built on strong human and professional values that are : rigor and discipline, listening skills, fast reaction time and transparency.


We provide you with our knowledge and our long and varied experience to guarantee a sustainable return on investment with :

 - A service line of expert missions : upstream of the project, during its installation or even beyond the implementation of one of our solutions ;


- A total control of the project management that is rigorous and structured and which is recognized by our clients as providing added value;


- Training sessions aimed at quickly transferring the necessary skills and developing complete autonomy with respect to your solution.


Our Consulting and Services department accompanies the decision-makers and CFOs in order to integrate the double vision of Cash and Margin in each of the strategic analytical levels of their performance.