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A robust and reliable method for managing cash flow forecasts
Jérôme Chaplin

“The time we save frees us from simply producing statements so that we can focus on analysing, forecasting, making decisions, managing our financial investments and all types of management. We’re seeing clear functional benefits: the tool has allowed us to structure our methodology and our processes within the company. "

Getting better control of the Group’s cash flow, debt and financing
Cash Flow and Financing Director

“One of the first priorities was to find a business tool that could be used to set up and manage cash flow forecasts for 12 different countries and 6 foreign currencies…Having an excellent understanding of our cash flows allowed us to identify and manage the leverage points that generate the most cash.

Ensuring reliable cash flow forecasts for a rapidly-growing group in LBO status

“I’m someone who believes strongly in cash culture. So, just on principle, I believe in the necessity of managing our cash forecasts as closely as possible. With a sizeable WCR and an expanding business, cash becomes even more of a vital issue. ”

Ensuring a secure and reliable process for forecasting cash flow and balance sheet items
Treasury Director France France

"CashSolve allowed us to regain control of our average capital forecasts, ensure consistency between our cash flow forecasts and the provisional balance sheet, and increase security and integration with our existing accounting and budgeting systems."

Defining a medium-and long-term financing
Cash Flow and Financing Director

"For the Executive Committee, it’s essential to have a clear view of the cash flow impact of the strategic decisions being made. For external financial actors: we work with large French banks that require us to provide them with reports, forecasts, etc."

Monitoring provisional cash-flow generation indicators and professionalising our financial communications process
Group Financial Controller

"We wanted to make our forecasts more reliable! We need to offer our financial partners a forecasting process based on a well-known tool that’s more professional than Excel. We are now able to capture the concept of “intra-group” and to have a much more fine-grained view of the Group’s cash flow."

Reassuring financial partners with reliable, up-to-date cash and debt management
Bertrand Vanney
Group Treasurer

"Our business requires precise management of strains on our cash flow linked to our purchasing campaigns. The richness of the analyses available in the CashSolve.net tool lets us make operational decisions based on forecast components."

A monthly process for anticipating the projected cash and medium-long debt levels
Léandre Brehier
Head of Controlling

“ The Group Finance Department started looking for an alternative to its Excel model in hopes of overcoming two major limitations : the lack of precision that made it impossible to predict provisional cash and debt levels in fine detail ; the time-consuming nature of the process that was preventing them from updating their forecasts as frequently as they would have liked. "

Having total control of all of our cash and debt forecasts
Jonathan Alner
Cash Flow Forecasting Manager

"We need to control our short-term liquidity risk, so it’s really a matter of short-term cash management. CashSolve also allows us to meet our reporting requirements for our shareholders and lenders by sending out a monthly liquidity certificate verified by an outside firm, and gives us a forward-looking vision of our business activity through the calculation of our future debt/EBITDA ratios."

Un suivi régulier du cash : prévisions glissantes sur 5 semaines, sur un rythme hebdomadaire
José-Manuel SanchezL SANCHEZ
Responsable Consolidation et Reporting Group

“Pour la Direction Financière Groupe, il est nécessaire d'avoir un outil de pilotage et de diffusion de la culture cash dans le groupe. Nous souhaitions améliorer la communication d’information financière à usage interne : le pilotage des covenants, de la trésorerie glissante, de la dette nette etc. Cela permet de faire un retour aux entités sur les écarts constatés. “

Setting aside an inflexible tool gainning a clear vision of the Group’s cash
Nathalie Régnier
Group Cash Flow Management Officer

“Cash Reporting saved us huge amounts of time on our analyses, thanks to a less time-consuming data production process. We also have a more fine-grained view of our data because we now have them in the currency of the bank account rather than the functional currency. Having the ability to analyse data by attributes.This new methodology helps to improve the quality of work done at the local level, and makes consolidation easier. The data that...