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Students today… Treasurers and finance officers tomorrow!

Studying is all about learning, understanding, and putting your knowledge into practice!

An environment and a set of subjects, and specialising in a particular field. Today, it’s Finances and Cash Management.

Students are our resources for the future, and we love going out to meet them!

Knowledge shared by our experts

Our product manager experts talk to them about ensuring good cash management and the benefits of using flexible and effective tools.

In the course of our discussions, we introduce them to Thétys (for managing cash, bank accounts and payment methods) and CashSolve (for managing projected cash flow, WCR and balance sheets).

Looking forward to working with the Treasurers of tomorrow? ACA is too!

Reaching out to the Treasurers and Finance Officers of tomorrow!

In 2020, we met students from the ESLSCA Business School in February.

In April, we’ll be meeting with students from the Sorbonne. The web conference is scheduled for April 28, and we’ll be presenting our CashSolve and Thetys solutions.

“Providing support and guidance for students is a high priority for ACA. We know they are the future of our field, and a source of innovation. To keep moving forward, we need them by our side!”

Watch the full interview with Dominique Combes Barucq, head of our Cashsolve line, on Web TV ACA